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Having Kids promotes our fundamental human right to nature and the sovereignty of democratic communities over economic pyramids driven by population growth, mass consumption and corporate greed.

TC Energy CEO Russ Girling is a key part of the system threatening our right to nature. He is behind the violence against the Wet’suwet’en peoples of Canada as they defend their land against Girling’s and TC Energy’s attempt to build the Coastal GasLink pipeline across their ancestral lands.

Given the impact of the project on our degrading climate, Girling and TC Energy are a manifest threat to our children’s future.

  1. Girling and TC Energy are responsible for violating the human right to nature and the sovereignty that derives from it.
  2. As human rights, the right to nature and sovereignty supersede national authority and any other rights the nation attempts to guarantee TC Energy and Girling.
  3. Girling can offset the harm he is causing by pulling back from the Wet’suwet’en lands and repaying the money he and TC Energy have taken. This reparation could include funding Fair Start family planning policies that will build resilience in future generations as they face degraded ecosystems.

How Can We Stop TC Energy’s Threat to Nature?

Take Action: We can target the top of the pyramid. We are urging supporters to find Girling, to peacefully and lawfully engage him about fulfilling what our human rights require, and to publicize your bravery. As we obtain information on his whereabouts, we will update this post.
Please also contact the Hon. Mike Farnworth, the minister of public safety and solicitor general of British Columbia, regarding the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s incursions and to make the points above. Additionally, you can sign this petition or engage him personally if you are in the area.

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