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Update: It was a great event! Check out the video here.


Cassie King is an outspoken young advocate for Fair Start family planning reforms. She recently called Vox‘s Matthew Yglesias out for pushing women to have more kids in the middle of the climate crisis.

Tomorrow she will speak at Harvard Law School along with several others, on your and your kids’ human right to nature, and what it means for family planning policy.

She is joined by Jessica Blome, one of the leading environmental lawyers in the country, who is also a mom. Here is her video:

Why Fair Start family planning reforms?

They are the most effective change we can make:

Want to take action to support this effort, and ensure all children a Fair Start in life? Right now the Senate is debating legislation that seeks to fund child care, and alleviate poverty.

But it:

  • Does nothing to seriously address the 1/10th wealth gap between black and white families in the U.S.
  • Does nothing to promote smaller and more sustainable families, which is a move with 20x more impact on the climate crisis than many alternatives.
  • Does nothing to end child abuse – instead, it will exacerbate it with a one-size-fits-all approach to family planning incentives.

Take action: Urge your senator to help Having Kids amend the legislation to promote socially and ecologically fair start family planning, and add your name to our campaign.

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