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The Fair Start Movement is the convergence of
social, eco, and reproductive justice to ensure every child a fair start in life.

The climate crisis and worsening inequality are a threat to children everywhere – with effects being felt most by those communities least equipped to endure it. 

We can change course. Children deserve equitable conditions, right from the beginning. 

Starting Upstream:

THe Most Effective APproach 

 A fair start in life is the first human right – it overrides all others. It is what children are entitled to under the Children’s Rights Convention, and what allows them to eventually be free from the power of others, and truly self-determining.

Ensuring a a fair start is the most effective and just thing we can do with impacts well beyond downstream alternatives. Let’s take back the wealth women and children deserve to make the best future for all. It’s time for truly comprehensive reproductive justice. 

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Climate Action: Target Culpable Concentrations of Wealth Like the Raymond Family

Human rights override the authority of governments, and the first human right is the right to an ecosocial Fair Start in life. Today the Supreme Court made clear the United States government will not protect our right to be free from the climate crisis, or our children's right to nature. Regardless those rights give us an overriding right to directly target the people who fundamentally violated them - people like the Raymond family. The American Revolution was born on the idea of defeating...

The End of Roe: Pursuing Comprehensive Justice

In a 6-3 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe. v Wade on June 24, 2022. This is a pivot point and a wake-up call that it is past time to address the injustice set in place by this ruling. It allows children to be born poor, and others rich. Some begin life in dangerous and unhealthy conditions, while others begin with guaranteed health and safety, We can oppose the forces that killed Roe for what it does to women, but also because of what it does to children, equality, our...

Roundup: Fact-Checking the Atlantic, Ending Child Torture, Roe, and Taking Climate Reparations

The Atlantic and other influential media often run articles and opinions that portray themselves as concerned about environmental degradation. But if you look at their coverage of family planning norms, the influential brand has done nothing to promote restorative or equitable family planning that actually protects nature and - upstream - is instead pushing growth. That sort of reporting fundamentally exacerbated the climate crisis.Almost five children...

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