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The Fair Start Movement is the convergence of
social, eco, and reproductive justice to ensure every child a fair start in life as the first and overriding human right.

The climate crisis and worsening inequality are a threat to children everywhere – with effects being felt most by those communities least equipped to endure it. 

We can change course. Children deserve equitable conditions, right from the beginning. 

We help shift unjust concentrations of wealth and power towards funding policies that instead empower all children with equal opportunities in life and a natural, biodiverse environment. In short, we promote fundamental justice and freedom.

Starting Upstream:

THe Most Effective APproach 

 A fair start in life is the first human right – it overrides all others. It is what children are entitled to under the Children’s Rights Convention, and what allows them to eventually be free from the power of others, and truly self-determining.

Ensuring a a fair start is the most effective and just thing we can do with impacts well beyond downstream alternatives. Let’s take back the wealth women and children deserve to make the best future for all. It’s time for truly comprehensive reproductive justice. 

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Treason at an existential level does not rely on positive law conceptions of the crime. It simply could mean acting in a way that substantially degrades the security of free and equal people, especially when done for personal gain. Elon Musk, in order to sell more products and benefit from the cheap labor that unsustainable family planning creates, has pushed for a larger and more powerful China by supporting pro-growth policies there. That's dangerous, given what China might to do increase...

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By Guest Contributor Amanda Henderson Healthy living is more than eating vegetables and getting in a daily workout. It is a comprehensive lifestyle that nourishes minds, bodies, souls and the environment. Learn how you can encourage healthy living while avoiding common parenting missteps. 1. Don’t Make Your Kids Clean Their Plates While a desire to not waste can be appreciated, requiring kids to eat everything on their plates teaches them to ignore natural hunger cues. Instead, try starting...

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Amboseli Love is working hard to achieve noble ends and is focused on next generations, like Fair Start. Per their leadership: The Amboseli Love is a non-profit organization based in Amboseli Kenya. Our primary focus is on Orphaned children, children living with disability HIV/AIDs, Rescued children from early marriages and most vulnerable in the community. Amboseli Village is located in Loitokitok, Kajiado South in Oloolarashi/Olgulului group ranch communal Land. Most Maasais in Amboseli are...

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