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A Fair Start for All:
The most effective justice starts at birth.

The Fair Start Movement aims to create a level playing field for all, fostering a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Children have a right to be born into a healthy environment with the resources they need to thrive. But spiraling inequality and climate harms are disproportionately impacting children during their formative years, and creating lifelong disparities.

Without a universal effort to implement equitable and sustainable family planning programs, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), FP2030 commitment, and Human Development Index benchmarks cannot be achieved, and human rights will continue to suffer. The Fair Start Movement unites social, reproductive, and environmental justice and creates empowerment from the bottom up.

Fair Start Reparations:
FSM Co-Director Esther Afolaranmi Takes on the U.N.

Today’s billionaires exploited people and the planet to generate their wealth. They put the costs on women and children through massive inequality, a degraded planet, and little to no voice in democracy.

A young Nigerian attorney, Esther Afolaranmi, is overseeing a complaint before the United Nations Human Rights Council that would ensure universal self-determination through one simple change – basing political legitimacy on children’s rights. This would ensure the right of young women to family planning incentives/entitlements that would enable ecosocial birth and developmental equity, ensuring they have any children only at a time, place and with resources that ensure those children will thrive based on very specific metrics, which would also constitute the most just form of climate reparations.

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