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Urge Joseph F. Kahn, Lead at the New York Times, to #TellTheTruth About His Role in Exacerbating the Climate Crisis

Fact: The New York Times spent more time reporting on falling fertility rates as a threat to economic growth over the past several years than covering either the beneficial impact of that fall on the climate crisis, or on peer-reviewed research that showed the change in fertility rates could catalyze fundamental changes in United Nations' policy that could would have the greatest long-run impact on child welfare, inequity, and climate/biodiversity restoration. That research, per Newsweek, also...

The #TelltheTruth and Pay What You Owe Campaign: Target George Monbiot to Do Better or Defend What He Does in a Debate on April 18th

George Monbiot tweeted recently that anyone claiming he and other leading environmentalists did not do enough to stop the climate crisis must not be familiar with his work. That's a haughty claim. Fact: George Monbiot, like many prominent environmentalists who framed what "protecting the environment" meant over the last few decades - a time crucial for saving many in the future from the climate and related crises - ignored and thereby decoyed people away from the most effective solution:...
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Freedom Without a Fair Start In Life For All Kids? No Such Thing.

When we talk about freedom we are really concerned with relative self-determination (some level of consent or choice), which would logically start with an account of our deontological population ethics, because all systems derive from some level of obligation. The climate crisis has taught us that the borders of human power are not lines on a map, but the creation of humans into the nonhuman world. We would thus have to start with a creation norm, or first and overriding principle / universal...

Giving every child a Fair Start in life is the only way to empower those children without disempowering others. And there are specific ways to do that. 


Fair Start helps shift unjust concentrations of wealth and power towards funding all children with equal opportunities in life and a natural, biodiverse environment. This is not charity – this is fundamental justice, or ensuring that the true costs of all wealth are paid back into communities in the most effective way possible, to liberate people in the only way possible. 

This is something no other group does. Nothing has a greater impact. Urge any group you support to disclose the destructive impact of their family policies on the progress they claim. You will be surprised.

Per our recent Newsweek piece and multiple peer-reviews, it is physically impossible for us to orient our lives and actions from a just and empowering place – or for governments to create obligations like property rights – without ensuring fair starts in life for all children. 

Starting Upstream:

THe Most Effective APproach 

 A fair start in life is the first human right – it overrides all others. It is what children are entitled to under the Children’s Rights Convention, and what allows them to eventually be free from the power of others, and truly self-determining. And that means climate and ecological rewilding through birth-equity redistribution of wealth, by all means effective.

Wealth at the top was built by using growth to convert our town halls into shopping malls, which disempowered us. We have the right to take the difference back, and invest it in our kids to  to ensure birth equity and climate restoration.

If we start equal, we end free. 

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