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Why Some Funders Resist Giving All Kids a Fair Start in Life

Why Some Funders Resist Giving All Kids a Fair Start in Life

The longer we delay replacing dysfunctional family planning policies with the Fair Start family planning model, the wider the gap between rich and poor will grow. At the same time, Fair Start Movement and other organizations that support giving all kids a fair start in life...

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@Pop_Stop_2100 @solve_overpop @StablePlanetAll @HumaneEducation @FairStartOrg @PZInitiative @BarnardPhoebe People routinely misuse "climate change" as a catchall term for unsustainable & damaging human demands on the planet. If the activist is a denier or, you know, a coward, they won't want to acknowledge that our numbers are a problem. CC makes it easier to focus just on consumption

Humans are an integral part of nature, dependent on its health for our own health and, ultimately, survival.
PM’s Senior Campaigner, Andrew Howard, explains the thinking behind our campaign name.

The #ForcedBirth and anti- #transrights movements are fundamentally motivated by #pronatalism.

They capitalize on fears of #eugenics on the part of marginalized communities to advance authoritarian control over bodily autonomy https://bit.ly/3LvX0Gc

Another great opinion piece from @thehill! #Population & economic growth benefit no one but the wealthy & corporations. @StablePlanetAll @FairStartOrg https://bit.ly/3MHz5W5

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