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Having Kids’ work on ensuring all children at least some minimum level of welfare at birth has just been published in one of the leading journals in the field of child and family law policy, the Child & Family Law Journal.

Read the article, “The Human Right to a Fair Start in Life,” here.

What can you do to help? Understand that there is no such thing as taking child welfare seriously without changing family planning policies to ensure minimum levels of welfare at birth for every child. Beginning that transition involves changing the fundamental fallacy that having kids is a matter of personal privacy, or that it’s “nobody else’s business,” by focusing on the worst cases of child abuse and neglect and the failing child welfare system that is impacting our shared future.

Children should not be born into abusive or neglectful conditions or situations in which they will be raised by the state.

TAKE ACTION: Contact us at info@fairstartmovement.org to become a Having Kids state leader in your state and help us create truly fundamental change.

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