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2019 was a great year for Having Kids and for the transition from parent-focused family planning to forward-looking, inclusive, and child-centric family planning. We published peer-reviewed research to show just how effective better family planning is at solving the world’s greatest problems, worked in coalition to urge the United Nations to move toward changing its archaic and disastrous family planning policies, designed early economic modeling for Fair Start-guaranteed income wealth transfers, celebrated Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s speaking out on better family planning, and solidified a campaign to accelerate getting male contraception on the market, among other advancements. 

2020 will be even better. 

“Rights” movements, including human, environmental, child, and animal rights movements, all have at least one thing in common: They are fundamentally, and effectively, promoted by family planning policies that revolve around objective values, the goal of creating just societies constituted of self-determining people, and the process of moving to cooperative planning, smaller families, and more equitable starts in life. These movements thrive on communities composed of empathetic and just people. These movements are obligated, by their fundamental and unavoidable commitments, to support child-focused family planning models that invest more time, love, and energy in future generations over family planning models that exploit those generations.

These movements can unify around this most basic commonality and can target their opponents: pre-constitutional corporate, oligarchical, bureaucratic, and other hierarchical entities who promote subjectivist family planning policies that exploit the most vulnerable entities — the nonhuman world and future children — in order to feed off the fundamental chaos of a constantly growing population. These entities rule from atop pyramids of billions of relatively uneducated and unempathetic consumers, workers, and taxpayers living in vast inequity, consuming nature, and constantly struggling for socially secure positioning and influence they will never attain. These entities promote this social and ecological chaos because it ensures hierarchical systems, rather than free, self-determining communities.

All rights movements can unify around child-centric family planning in order to target these entities at the top of the power pyramid in order to take their resources and decentralize their power in future generations as a means of most effectively promoting equity, democracy, and deep ecology. Rights movements may do so because human rights-based family planning is fundamentally constitutional, in the sense that we are before we do — and what makes us comes first. 

Having kids, and the rights and obligations it entails, comes first. 

This is a sense of fundamental and physical constitutionalism that goes well beyond traditional and outdated conceptions of constitutions as historical documents disconnected from the people they control. Instead, family planning-based constitutionalism — a real and tangible social contract between generations — truly empowers people right from the start. Human rights-based family planning is the fundamental norm. It constitutes societies and, as such, overrides all conflicting norms including big-government tax obligations and big-business property rights. We, both liberals and conservatives, have a right to the resources at the top of the pyramid, and we can use those resources to protect our shared values and our shared future as we liberate future generations. 

It’s time to stand up. In 2020, Having Kids will help further define the battle lines needed to out the opponents of systems of rights — the lines necessary for truly fundamental reform. Please join us. 

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