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Reducing Inequality

A fair start means a level playing field.



of U.S. kids live in or near poverty


How does inequality affect kids?

See how, here.

“The Most Unequal Society in the developed world.”

U.N. Special Rapporteur Philip Alston called the United States the most unequal society in the developed world, finding it to have the highest rate of income inequality. He added that U.S. policies benefit the rich and exacerbate the plight of the poor. – VOA

After the fact approaches are not enough. Why not get ahead of these problems?

A Fair Start To Break the Cycle of Poverty

We can prevent kids from being subjected to poverty and unfair circumstances with better family planning. When communities help parents wait until they are ready to have kids, those parents are better able to pursue higher education and career stability. This sets kids up for better outcomes and greater lifetime success.

What We’re Doing

Starting at the source of inequality is more effective than addressing it with downstream solutions. That’s why Fair Start Movement is developing coalitions of community partners across the U.S. to help parents wait, plan, and be ready before having kids. Cooperative efforts towards Fair Start family planning change the game when it comes to increasing economic mobility and disrupting the gap in equality.

We can reduce childhood inequality and poverty, and create fairness for all kids when parents wait and plan smaller families to invest more in each child.

How we’re reducing inequality with our partners:
Fair Start Movement partners with faculty and students from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work to study the impact of the Fair Start model in communities.
Colorado is reducing unplanned pregnancy. Fair Start Movement is part of the coalition, and we are actively looking for ways to replicate Colorado’s success in other states.
Voices for Biodiversity is an online, multimedia platform that shares the stories of people from around the globe about their experiences with biodiversity and other species. Our primary focus is on sharing the voices of those who usually would not be heard: indigenous and local peoples, women, youth, and others. This approach has resulted in the creation of a growing, interactive global community of people from all walks of life, who not only share their stories with the world, but also become resources for each other to take action to protect biodiversity and other species.
One Protest and Fair Start Movement partner on direct action projects to speak the clear truth, that better family planning is the best way to protect kids, animals, and our future, to the powerful and unjust institutions that dominate and exploit our world.
Join us!
Do you represent an organization that may be interested in joining our coalition to create a fair start for kids? Get in touch.

Legislative Efforts

We’re also working with legislators and child welfare agencies to incorporate Fair Start family planning into community-level, state, and federal programs.

And we are taking the message globally. Fair Start Movement is asking U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to issue a new statement on family planning. Fair Start family planning is the most effective way to improve human rights.

Imagine our world in 25 years if all kids had equal access to nutrition, healthcare, quality education, and a community concerned for their well being. It’s time to insist a fair start for all kids.

But we need your help.


Urge Health and Human Service Secretary Alex Azar to prioritize family planning to give kids a fair start.

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