2023 - horizontal white fair-start-movement most effective tagline

What is it you're looking for?

Care about children? Improve the conditions in which they are born. That has the biggest impact on their lives.

Care about animals? Leave room for them to rebuild and enjoy their own communities. That is how you honor their rights.

Care about the environment? Restore biodiverse nonhuman nature. That creates the best ecologies for humans and nonhuman alike.

Care about freedom? Make sure the people with whom you share the world are people born and raised to participate in liberating democracies, rather than top-down systems of coercion/incentive. There is no way to be really free without this.

Care about good parenting and happy families? Make sure families are planned and ready. That move pays off.

Care about equality? Give kids a fair start in life. That is how to have the biggest impact.

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