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Please Fund Children’s Bonds Because Children Deserve Them

Dear Warren,

Fair Start Movement’s mission is to replace parent-centric subjective family planning systems with a child-centric model that ensures children are born and raised in conditions consistent – minimally – with the Children’s Rights Convention. Thank you for being a leader in the efforts to assure family planning needs are being met worldwide.

Given recent discussions of your possibly funding a world children’s savings bank, if these reports are true, we urge one simple guideline for such a plan. We urge that the gift recognize that the wealth of many was built on a system of unsustainable growth, per one Nobel Laurate, that included billions of persons having and raising children in conditions that did not satisfy the standards children and their parents deserve, the standards eventually codified in the Children’s Rights Convention. That explosive and unsustainable growth – at increasing cost to children as the climate worsens – enabled the wealth. Because that wealth was produced under a system that externalized its costs, disadvantaged children have moral and legal claim to part of the wealth as a form of restorative justice.

If your plans are to give as reported, please say it is because the children are entitled to it, and as part of a fair system of ecosocial family planning, one which actually complies with the requirements of the international human rights regime.

A secondary guideline would structure the investment in the most effective way possible, setting aside part as Fair Start family planning incentives/entitlements/reparations, but the first guideline we urge is the most important.

Without this change, we risk a future where the system by which we made our wealth does more harm to future generations than our philanthropy can do to help them.

Thanks for considering, and for your work to date.

The Team at Fair Start Movement

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