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The Sun Sentinel published an in-depth report on the disturbing epidemic of violent kids. The piece focuses specifically on the difficulty educators face in removing dangerous children from the classroom. Because of state laws and Federal protections, the safety of the other students and teachers is trumped by the rights of violent kids.

Yes, red flag laws and gun reform are important. But they are not fail safe. They also don’t address the trauma being inflicted on children. That harm leads them to experience mental health distress and become violent kids. Effectively changing what’s happening requires addressing the underlying problem: the environment that is causing these kids to become so troubled. That environment starts with a family planning system that does not require parents to be ready before they have kids. We can reform that system. The place to start is with state legislation that – in the context of child abuse – would legally create that requirement.

When people become parents before they are able to provide the necessary stability and resources for children to thrive, there are lifelong impacts on kids. The results is numerous behavioral effects such as aggression, violence, and criminality. Read more child abuse facts here.

It’s time to move from a family planning culture that ignores what children need both emotionally and physically. 

Let’s start at the source of the problem, poor family planning. Children have a human right to be born into a safe, healthy environment. Fair Start policies prevent children from becoming victims in criminally abusive, toxic situations. Read about Fair Start policies here

TAKE ACTION: Call Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at (850) 717-9337. Or Tweet @GovRonDeSantis and urge him to promote Fair Start legislation. 

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