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Community Connections

Having Kids urges child protection, human rights, environmental and animal welfare groups to make family planning a vital part of their missions and long-term strategies. We also push back against massive corporations and loudmouth politicians whose power relies on an evergrowing supply of consumers, cheap labor, and taxpayers, and who push women to have more kids for that reason. In the long run, better family planning is the most effective way to protect our world. Let’s plan for all our futures!

Fact: Better family planning is the most effective way to save animals and the environment, as well as to achieve many social development goals.


For Earth Day 2018, Having Kids is urging environmental and animal protection organizations to adopt a public position on family planning before Earth Day 2019. Want to take action? If you are a member of environmental and/or animal protection organizations politely encourage those organizations to meet the Having Kids Earth Day Challenge.


Why are massive companies and greedy politicians pushing women to have more kids in the face of a growing population, climate change, failing child welfare systems, and dangerous inequality? Why are some celebrities role modeling poor family planning for them? Push back, and demand a fair start in life for all kids.


Having Kids’ Connections

Having Kids partners with faculty and students from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work to study the impact of the Fair Start model in communities.


Colorado is reducing unplanned pregnancy. Having Kids is part of the coalition, and we are actively looking for ways to replicate Colorado’s success in other states.


Voices for Biodiversity is an online, multimedia platform that shares the stories of people from around the globe about their experiences with biodiversity and other species. Our primary focus is on sharing the voices of those who usually would not be heard: indigenous and local peoples, women, youth, and others. This approach has resulted in the creation of a growing, interactive global community of people from all walks of life, who not only share their stories with the world, but also become resources for each other to take action to protect biodiversity and other species.


One Protest and Having Kids partner on direct action projects to speak the clear truth, that better family planning is the best way to protect kids, animals, and our future, to the powerful and unjust institutions that dominate and exploit our world.



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Fair Start Family Planning

Take action to protect your future. 


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