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How can we protect animals without family planning? How can we protect our environment without accounting for the number of people impacting it? How can we maintain systems of human rights and democracy without the creation and development of the moral people that must comprise such systems?

It is clear that we will never realize the aspirations of human, environmental, and animal rights without reforming our family systems. Family planning is currently driven by policies that ignore the environment and the substantial investment required for the well being of each child, in order to produce as many workers, consumers, and taxpayers as possible.

The good news is that people are pushing back by choosing smaller families, reducing fertility rates, and investing more resources in each child. Making this trend the new normal could help restore animals’ habitats and our environment, as well as create smaller and more functional democracies where everyone has a voice. We can crystalize and institutionalize this by changing from dysfunctional systems of family planning to the child-first Fair Start model. If you support animal protection, environmental, or human rights organizations, urge them to include family planning as part of their mission.

Rights-based systems can prevail – but not without reforming family planning. Please take action today.

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