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As the climate crisis unfolds it should be obvious to everyone that the many large environmental organizations who claimed to be protecting our environment have failed.

They failed because they chose an Anthropocentric baseline for their efforts that treated the nonhuman world of animals and their habitats as a human resource. They failed because they claimed to be making progress on environmental campaigns, knowing those campaigns were being undone by family policies that were pushing unsustainable growth.

What is the fundamental source of the climate crisis?

These are the facts:

More sustainable families are the most effective way to reduce the impact on the climate and animals. Read more.

Fair Start family planning is the most effective way to simultaneously: reduce intergenerational inequalities, strengthen democracy, and preserve healthy planet.

The proven impacts are 10 to 20 times higher than traditional downstream attempts to protect kids, animals, and the environment. The model converts poor and unsustainable family planning into equality, opportunity, democracy, and nature.

Take action:

There are dozens of ways to promote Fair Start. Learn and act here.

Is it time for the large environmental organizations that failed us to #TellTheTruth? Yes – urge them to do so.

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