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As the climate crisis deepens, with massive heatwaves killing untold number of people, many are wondering how the world came to such a state.

Many nonprofits have been touting the success of energy efficiency or other campaigns designed to limit emissions. The success of these efforts has been largely undone by population growth.

Not only were many nonprofits embracing outdated family policies that let the wealthy pass massive privilege to their children while other kids are born and raised in horrific conditions, but now those vulnerable children will suffer the impacts – long into the future – of the climate crisis. Many nonprofits were undoing their own claims while also using outdated anthropocentric environmental standards that treat the environment as a human resource – the move that fundamentally created the climate crisis.

TAKE ACTION NOW: If you support a nonprofit that claims to protect children, the environment, animals, or human rights and democracy, urge them to disclose their current family policies. Are they opting for policies that could bring more children into horrific conditions than the number of children the group is actually serving? Are they opting for policies that could place more animals in harm’s way than the group is saving? Are the groups accounting for how growth is driving a climate crisis that is undoing local environmental efforts, or degrading democracy in relationships between people irrespective of formal changes in political systems? Urge them to instead adopt more ethical models like Fair Start or comparable options.

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