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Jessica Campos and Prof. Delcianna Winders are champions for animals, working hard to protect them from abuse, and exploitation, in a variety of ways.

But they know we lose that battle if we do not go upstream, and deal with the way unsustainable and inequitable family systems are driving animal suffering and death, and leaving open the door for continued attacks on women by men that would force them to have children.

Per Jessica:

“The decision of not having kids, for me, was set in my early 20s because of overpopulation. I thought – why bring more kids? There are too many already needing homes. I also agree with the Taking Animal Rights Seriously article. It’s not fair that animals have to be killed mercilessly just for consumption. Low population is good for the environment and also for traffic congestion. There’s a lot of benefits that I see as a whole in not having kids.”

And Delcianna said this:

“It’s time we tackle the taboo topic of procreative ethics. Given the deeply troubling history of eugenics, the subject is fraught and may seem best avoided. But evading it denies millions of women access to basic family planning, exacerbating the climate crisis, global inequality, and more. For the sake of humans, animals, and the environment, we must grapple with procreative ethics and work toward just, rights-centered, and sustainable family planning policies.”


There are dozens of ways to change family policies and bend the arc of who we are becoming towards justice. Act now.

Be effective.
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