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Senator Mike Lee made headlines recently by pushing women to randomly have more kids. It’s the worst way to exacerbate the intricately related social and ecological threats facing our nation.  People are speaking out against him. One brilliant voice was featured by the Salt Lake Tribune this week.

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Why is it important to speak out against irresponsible family planning? Other peoples’ family planning decisions will determine our future. Those decisions will define the quality of our kids’ lives, and our own. With whom do you want your kids to share this world? What do you want the future to look like? It’s time for a family planning policies that encourage people to wait until they are ready to be good parents, and to invest more in each child.

Take Action:: Engage Mike Lee on these issues, in writing or in person, and we’ll publicize your efforts. Take the most effective action you can to protect the future. Promote better family planning policies now.



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