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Tucker Carlson has been on a rampage, calling Alexandra Ocasio Cortez a “moron” for raising the issue of family planning as a response to climate change. That tirade raises serious questions about Tucker’s values, questions he should answer:

1. Is he really denying that family planning, which has been shown to have the greatest impact in mitigating the threat of climate change, is off topic? Should we ignore effective solutions, even when the most credible sources view climate change as threat to national security?
2. Is he suggesting that we shouldn’t consider the wellbeing of future generations when coming up with family planning policies, and hold people to certain standards and responsibilities when becoming parents? Should others have to pay for irresponsible family planning and parenting?
3. How do we ensure functional democracies without ensuring better family planning, and the sort of Having Kids that creates responsible citizens? Or does how we are raised, and who we become, not matter?

Urge Tucker @TuckerCarlson to leave the insults aside and defend American values. Urge him to answer these simple questions.

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