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As the United Nations Commission on Population and Development meets in New York this week, Having Kids is urging Secretary General António Guterres to issue a new statement on family planning. Previous Secretary General statements have focused on the rights of parents; Having Kids is urging the Secretary-General to now make a statement that includes the needs of future children and how those needs must shape truly human rights-based family planning models.

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Circumstances have changed since former Secretaries General have issued family planning statements; a revised statement is urgently needed.

  • Several studies confirm that smaller families are the best way to confront climate change, as well as other and related environmental crises. If we take climate change seriously, we must laud the benefits of a global family planning ethic that promotes smaller families.
  • The science of early childhood development shows the disproportionate impact the beginning of our lives has on the rest of our lives. This holds true, among other things, for economic inequality.
  • Better family planning is now understood to be an effective way to prevent the conditions that give rise to terrorism and other conflict-based threats to human rights and democracy.

Take action now. Contact Secretary General Guterres here and politely urge him to consider our request.

Having Kids is a 501(c)3 nonprofit nonprofit organization dedicated to reforming family planning by replacing parent-centered family planning models with the human rights-based and child-first Fair Start model.

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