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Many caring and thoughtful people who are concerned about the future of the world are being pushed off the idea of having kids. They are concerned about climate change, the mass extinction of other species, and acidifying oceans filled with plastics. All of those things are driven by exploding population growth.

By Bdm25 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

At the same time, many other families are having as many kids as they can, often for religious reasons, or because it distinguishes them from other families, or because they see their family as a replacement for the community around them.

Is it fair that some people, often the ones that care the most about our future, are put in the moral dilemma of whether to have children because other people are having so many? Do parents that ignore the risk large families pose to the future have the right to infringe on a well-prepared and thoughtful family’s right to have one or two children?

Today we have a historic opportunity to protect the future, for ourselves and for our families. We can change the course on that graph. We can embrace the worldwide trend of people choosing smaller families. We can demand fairness, and the better world that better family planning can create.

Child-first family planning means working with your community to get the resources you deserve to give your child a fair start in life, with equal opportunities relative to their peers, and planning a smaller and sustainable family where you and others can invest more in each child.

Speak up, and speak out. Other peoples’ family planning decisions are deciding your future. Help them get it right.

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