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The greatest power we have over others is the power of creation, to create future generations – the majority of people – and shape their destinies. We do this through family planning policies, and practice, at the first border of human power.

We can pursue policies that are just and ensure all kids a Fair Start in life, with minimum guaranteed levels of welfare at birth, equal opportunities in life, influential voices in their inclusive democracies, and thriving natural ecosystems. These values are existential. We cannot separate these values from who we are, and our creation. Justice is not abstract. It depends on the constant formation – or procreation – of power relations between persons.

This child-centric and collective form of family planning is how we constitute communities of free people. Any policy – on any subject – that does not start with a fair start in life is fundamentally unjust, and disregarding of the right of the majority.

We can also pursue policies, like those focused on parents doing whatever they want (the sort of thinking displayed by those who refuse to wear masks in a pandemic), and those that ensure a growing population of workers and consumers to serve concentrations of wealth and power, that do not do not ensure values like welfare, equity, nature, or democracy. This approach is preconstitutional, and not sufficiently other-regarding or child-centric to physically constitute free communities.

We either proceed from an unjust position and remain precons, or choose to be just and free people going forward. Precons are dangerously shortsighted, and the only truly fundamental threat to freedom in the long run.


  1. Concentrations of wealth and power only exist because world leaders chose isolation family planning systems meant to avoid collective obligations to protect future generations. This fundamentally created every crisis, from the climate to massive inequity, we face today.
  2. The right to a Fair Start in life is the first and overriding human right, obligating us to target those concentrations – and people like Ivanka Trump and other wealthy families like the Raymonds – to limit and decentralize their power and pay what they owe. They benefited from, and furthered, a lie at the heart of our systems of human rights and democracy. Government and all political obligations derive from people, who derive from their creation. The duty to ensure a Fair Start in life – the god norm – overrides all other rules, like the property rights that empower people like Ivanka.
  3. Making them first apologize and then pay, via Fair Start incentives and entitlements, is the most just and effective way to compensate future generations for things like the climate crisis, with impacts that are ten to twenty times more effective than the downstream measures other nonprofits are promoting. Don’t get scammed. First things first – let’s start by creating optimal and just populations.

Our forbearers died to protect freedom. What will you do?

Join the Fair Start revolution, and take action.

For other tactics, there are many to choose from.

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