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Gabriel Fernandez was tortured and killed by his parents because the United States treats the act of having children as more personal and private than interpersonal, and subject to obligations like emotional readiness that protect those with the most at stake – future children. That’s an obvious mistake.

But it’s not a mistake. The privacy model was developed by wealthy elites in the 20th Century who 1) did not want to invest in all children but preferred to privilege their own, and 2) knew that ensuring child welfare in family planning would limit the population growth that creates great returns on investment.

They went for growth.

Growth makes money for some at cost to others.

Wall Street and the politicians they control are now using your tax dollars to pay more to urge people to have kids, people who will abuse and kill those children.

Gabriel is not alone – 5 children die at the hands of their parents in the United States each week.


TAKE ACTION: The New York Times is complicit if upholding the privacy, over parental readiness, model. Urge Jessica Grose, @JessGrose, to write about these issues and save children like Gabriel.

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