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The acronym DEIJ generally refers to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice, and often refers to workplace policies to reverse historic discrimination and oppression.

Yes, there is a simple way to fix this.

Given the deadly disparate impact the climate crisis has on black women, climate restoration through birth equity entitlements and a standard of complete biodiversity – especially when all are treated as part of a unifying and overriding human right – could also further the diversity value in the acronym.

UN Warns Earth 'firmly on track toward an unlivable world'
The future will present deadly threats.

Equity could be read to require true equality of opportunity, including the wealth transfers from rich kids to poor kids necessary to make that equity – one’s true share of the power pie – a reality.

If we wanted to take inclusion seriously, we could use a standard of truly participatory democracy and radical federalism, so that each person actually plays an influential role in the making of the rules under which they are otherwise forced to live. There is a simple and quantitative test, based on the capacity to consent to the influence of others, for such empowerment.

Be effective.

And justice could be read to require existential justice, which – because it works upstream of our creation – covers all other forms of justice including distributive, political, retributive, restorative, etc.

Thinking along these lines might ensure a fuller form of DEIJ, not just for us but for the majority of persons (human and nonhuman) – those who will live in the future. One way to bring this all into action would be by focusing funding on bottom up grassroots movements that are decentralized and operate around a central organizing principle of maximizing capacity for consent by all, putting freedom over property.

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