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Scan the headlines of news today and you will see stories about celebrities hard working while also having kids.

These stories are not news, if we assume news should be about what really impacts readers’ lives.

Instead it’s content to carry advertising. In normal circumstances this is fairly benign stuff. But the world we live in today does not reflect normal circumstances. Media highlighting families – reinforcing different choices – without reporting the impact on our environment and communities is imposing costs – on at least five levels including exacerbating the crisis and expanding vast inequity – on you and your children.

The recent stories about Pink’s career, and her kids, is a perfect example.

Be effective.

Media also use these stories because corporations rely on unsustainable population growth to ensure more consumers and cheap future labor – and celebrities can influence our own family decision-making.

What’s more important to report? The need for climate reparations and family entitlements paid to the communities most at risk.


Urge Wendy Naugle at People, Swati Sharma at Vox, and Zach Leonard at the Independent to promote sustainable families and climate reparations, not more of the same growth that created the crisis.

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