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Google the term “sustainable” and you will find it everywhere.

Adorning products and services, in the advertising disguised as journalism you see in the New York Times, and front-lining the deceptive fundraising many environmental groups use. Almost inevitably these interests were also promoting family policies that encourage unsustainable growth and greater consumption.

Fact: Large families consuming at high levels are not sustainable, and the growth they created undid much of the progress towards climate mitigation that was being claimed.

The harm done here cannot be undone.

That means children will die as the climate crisis unfold, and other species will die in mass extinction, because these people lied. They lied because that growth makes money for people like Elon Musk.

Is time for climate justice? There are ways to force these entities to pay the costs they imposed on others.

TAKE ACTION: Let’s make an example of the head of the New York Times. Contact him, online or in person, to admit the lie and support paying back the costs in the form of family entitlements and climate reparations.

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