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Get parents talking about their kids and you’ll see a change come over their faces. The love parents have for their children draws out emotions that can’t be hidden, a unique connection that comes bursting through in giddy smiles.

But to truly love someone else means more than just having feelings. It means showing it through our actions. And when it comes to children, loving them means giving them all the time, energy, resources and attention they need and deserve. It also requires taking action in the community to build a better future, the future in which our children will live.

The two best things we can do for our kids are: 1. Build a culture of smaller and sustainable families that invests more in each child; 2. Make the world around all kids a better place.

Today many parents are starting to build that culture – families like the Marsh family, featured in the video above. They are leading by example and showing their love for their children, their communities, and for nature. We owe them for what they are doing.

If more families do this, we can change our policies to support those families. If we do this together, all our kids can live in a future world that is less crowded, safer, and filled with people that got a fair start in life.

The future does not have to be crowded and polluted, with a degraded climate and massive gap between rich and poor. But changing it depends on how we approach family planning. Together we can do this. Please join us!

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