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What is it you're looking for?

What do you want the future to look like, for you and for your kids? The family planning decisions we make today will define the future.

When parents choose to have larger families the world gets pushed towards higher projections in the graph above. This leads to a larger gap between rich and poor, and a more polluted, hotter, and dangerous environment.

But when parents follow the Having Kids Fair Start family planning model, choosing instead to have smaller families and work with others to plan a fair start for every child, we move in the opposite direction – towards a greener, more equitable, and safer world.

Which way do you want to go?

Shouldn’t we all have a right to avoid the type of world larger and inequitable families, like, for instance, the Trump’s, are leading us to?

Recently, a generous couple chose a better way. Los Angelinos Mickey and Tricia Bhotiwihok chose to exemplify the Fair Start model by forgoing having a third child.  Also, by working with Having Kids, they donated $3000.00 to Project Health Children, a charity working hard to improve childhood nutrition in Africa. Mickey and Tricia’s thoughtfulness and generosity is giving other kids more of a fair start in life, and helping to reduce high fertility rates.

Look at the fork in the graph above and think about which way you want to go. Which world do you want your children to inherit? The best way to change the world is by changing the people in it, and the good news is that we are doing just that every day, every time we have and raise kids. We just have to get it right.

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