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Vox has recently done a great job making the connection between the ethics of having kids and things like climate change, or the quality of the resulting lives. But can we urge Vox see the crucial need to revise our family planning policies to prioritize every child getting a fair start in life?

Here’s one way. 

Elizabeth Warren is right to focus on the need to improve child care throughout the United States. Vox knows this. But quality child care, and the sufficient development of children to ensure real democracy in the future, depends on both supply and demand. Any policy changes should be geared toward strengthening family planning and bringing kids into better conditions, as well as improving the overall conditions. Warren should distinguish herself from Ivanka Trump, who like her father, also supports child care, but because it is a way of maintaining the growth-based Ponzi scheme of creating profits for investors by creating more people.

Warren should embrace a policy of smaller families sharing resources to invest more in every child. That’s the best way to protect our most vulnerable entities, mitigate climate change, and ensure an ecologically and socially sustainable future.

Will Vox help? Tweet Lauren Williams at @laurenwilliams and ask her to publicize the difference between growth-based and child-centered child care policies, and call for the latter.

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