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Georgia state representative Ed Setzler said he is moving to virtually eliminate the ability to terminate pregnancy. The bill, supported solely by male lawmakers, would force women to parent against their will and force children into the world with parents who are not ready or able to provide for them.

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Forcing children to be born perpetuates the cycle of poverty and inequality and increases the risk of abuse and neglect. Furthermore, it drives the unsustainable population growth that threatens the future for all of us.

Contact Rep. Seltzer at (404) 656-7857 and ask how he plans to ensure that the children who would be born because of his policies receive a fair start in life? Will they get the privileges his four kids are getting? Why not?

What would you do to protect future kids against manifest threats like Ed?

Stand up and confront those who threaten our future. It’s time to put children’s needs first and ensure a fair start in life – it is a human right.

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