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Having Kids has quite a history urging the royal family to take the lead on helping the world transition from a parent-focused family planning model to a child-focused model. It started with our famous open letter to Kate Middleton and Prince William. It later included our celebrating Meghan Markle’s and Prince Harry’s public announcement that they were choosing a smaller family for environmental reasons.

A slew of recent articles in Marie Claire, Express UK, and the International Business Times now question whether we are giving good advice. The truth is, Having Kids wants the best future for all children. And the facts don’t lie: The most effective way to fight the biggest crises facing our world — including the climate crisis, child poverty, and growing inequity — is through family planning that promotes smaller and more equitable families. By having smaller families, we can invest more time, love, energy, and resources in every child. Better family planning will also ensure a smaller and more resilient population more capable of thriving in the degraded ecology of the future.

If we truly love children, including Prince Louis of Cambridge, we will actually do that which protects their collective future. And the only way to do that, given the self-exacerbating collective action problem at the heart of our family planning system, is to start to work together to plan the best families we can.

Take action: Urge the editors of Marie Claire, Express UK, and the International Business Times, via these links or the contact information available on their websites, to tell the whole story of why Having Kids spoke out to the royals and why we will keep doing so.

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