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Want to make the world a better place? Nothing has a greater impact than universal policy reforms incentivizing smaller and more equitable families cooperatively investing more time, love, attention, and resources into every child.

Current policies were designed with motivations to fuel the economy, not provide for child welfare, and these policies have fueled the crises we face today. In order to boost markets and economies, they have incentivized growth that has filled the world with billions of people and has led to climate change and the sixth mass extinction. By contrast, Fair Start policies promote equity and human rights, developing people for democratic communities, and maintaining the natural world for future generations.

Enjoy this presentation detailing what we mean by the Fair Start revolution and how it is the best way to reach world sustainable development goals.

Nothing will do as much good as improving family planning policies to shift the focus from what Wall Street wants now to what all future children need. It’s the first human right and obligation, it demands the collective intergenerational obligations most countries and the United Nations seek to avoid, and Having Kids is helping to make it a reality. With Fair Start, we aim to stabilize human populations at the United Nations low variant before 2100 through a qualitative transition focused on intergenerational human rights and self-determination, defined by a fair start in life for all kids.

In 2020, Having Kids, with an almost all volunteer staff and minuscule budget, made real strides:

What Do We Have Planned for 2021?

As demonstrated in 2020, Having Kids acts as a “part replacer,” finding unsustainable and inequitable family planning modeling in systems of governance, discourse, corporatism, and culture, and replacing it with truly human rights-based Fair Start modeling. We are the praxis, more than simply an organization, of moving the way we all plan families from a focus on adults to a focus on future children.

For 2021, Having Kids has eight specific objectives, or key performance indicators, to further the overwhelming and quantified impact of better family planning.

  • We will persuade more companies to speak out for sustainable and equitable family planning improvements, including those we are in negotiations with now.
  • In partnership with a Having Kids legislative fund, we will introduce our first legislation, improving popular “baby bond” bills to instead incentivize families working together to give all kids a Fair Start, socially and ecologically.
  • We will file our first litigation, challenging intrusions on the right to terminate one’s pregnancy not as a violation of personal autonomy, but of the collective obligations we all owe future children.
  • We will target a wealthy family responsible for the climate crisis to urge them to compensate future generations by funding Fair Start family reform, and speak the truth to their power that this lexically primary obligation overrides all property rights. We will also focus on recidivist child abusers, from all parts of the economic spectrum, to urge them to admit the need for family planning reform.
  • We will submit proposed legislative and regulatory proposals that prioritize approval and accessibility of the male birth control pill, with policy reforms that treat contraception as the default for all teens. Kids should not be having or raising kids.
  • We will target investors supporting companies that promote unsustainable family planning policies that further inequity and ecocide.
  • We will expand our coalition of organizations, urging the U.N. secretary general and other U.N. leaders to admit that current family planning modeling is a failure, undercutting sustainable development and human rights.
  • We will initiate a #factcheck function on our platforms to correct misinformation in the media regarding the impact of population growth, and we will file actions against civil society organizations misleading donors with claims of progress that do not account for the overwhelming impacts caused by poor family planning and growth.

How can you help? Please consider donating now. No other change is as effective, comprehensive, or fundamental.

Thank you,

The Team at Having Kids

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