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Police brutalizing people of color and the poor is nothing new, but the issue is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Meanwhile rich white men like Elon Musk, who’s looted billions in profits during the pandemic, can ignore COVID-19 shutdown orders and reopen a car factory rife with racism, and nothing happens. People like Musk and Donald Trump – born rich – are playing with their space toys, launching a mission that does little good for most people, and seems like some version of the movie Elysium, while black men are being killed down here on Earth.

  • In the United States, one set of laws exists for the rich and another one applies to the poor. This system is illegitimate.
  • This double system will persist as long as an extreme imbalance of wealth and power remains. Violence is one form of power, money is another, and the solution has to deal with both. We need to focus on a fundamental fix to the massive imbalance right now, and the one with the greatest impact – by far – for the most numerous and vulnerable classes.
  • Because a child’s right to a fair start in life is the fundamental human right that overrides all other interests including property rights, we can use that right to redistribute resources, end the inequity, and build the real constitutional democracies we all deserve.

Take Action to Hold Musk Accountable

Contact the California governor here, explain why Musk committed a crime when he reopened the California Tesla plant, and demand action. Let’s see how legitimate our system really is.

Find and engage Musk in person, lawfully and peacefully, and demand that the resources he’s using to colonize space, worsen inequity, and turn his own six children into billionaires be used instead to fund Fair Start family planning and the constituting of real democracies. Musk, whose wealth originated from a system of colonization and exploitation in Africa and who very likely has a net negative impact on the environment, has publicly mocked the Occupy movement. He has also consistently promoted family planning systems designed to create massive economies filled with workers and consumers that serve the rich, rather than human rights based systems that empower people. Instead of speaking out, Musk is deliberatly using SpaceX to distract people away from an issue of justice, to focus instead on his newest display of wealth.

Finally, we can move from a regressive legal system based on violence at its worst, and incentives as a lesser evil, to one based on true self-determination, starting with the birth of every child. Urge our leadership to adopt Fair Start family planning as the fundamental basis for our laws and policies.

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