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Many nonprofits over the past decade claimed great success in saving animals or children, protecting the environment, or ensuring human rights and democracy. Instead they were quietly supporting family policies (including internal employment policies) that were undoing progress on all of those fronts – and accelerating the climate crisis.


Google the term “baby bust” and you will get the idea: Many wealthy funders have long-run investment plans based on the same unsustainable growth that created the climate crisis. In the face of a disaster set to kill millions, some want more of that same system.

That system ensures children are tortured to death by their own parentsmore and more animals are subjected to suffering and deathother species are wiped out, the gap between rich and poor widens, and each person has less of a say in their political systems. These policies have created the political space for the reemergence of abortion and contraception bans, and enable influencers in media to openly push women to have more children to grow economies

It’s been up to nonprofit leadership to resist this, and do what is best for the entities they claim to represent. Failure to do can constitute consumer deception, and lead to litigation. And publicizing the truth of how family policy impacts our lives, and using that truth to lever wealth from the top and into future generations is the most good we can do. Litigation can make it happen.


If you suspect a charity you support made misleading statements contact us at Carter@FairStartMovement.org, and urge any charity you support to take part in the @WholeTruth campaign to save millions of lives from a crisis family reforms can help mitigate.

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