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Dear Senator Booker:

The most effective way – long-run – to fulfill you evident goals of protecting animals and creating child equity is by moving from outdated family policies towards a human-rights based approach the treats every child’s right to a fair start in life as the first and overriding human right.

That has the greatest impact on sustainable development goals and other key values.

This claim is irrefutable, and subject to multiple peer-reviews. The change would also reinforce your representative capacity by truly ensuring human rights and democracy, rather than degrading your ability to actually represent your constituents.

Rather than parental autonomy there is a strong argument that domestic and world governance is obligated to use child equity as the basic standard for family planning. More specifically this would entail climate restoration via family planning entitlements that override property rights at the top of the economic pyramid. Such rights are the product of compliance with other human rights requirements, like ensuring all children birth and development conditions consistent with the Children’s Rights Convention which is the basis of true democracy.

Be effective.

And while many nonprofits will use stalled legislation to raise funds, year after year, the reality is that our family systems reverse progress – ensuring more and more animals are subject to abuse, inequity grows, and the climate crisis deepens. The Fair Start Movement refuses to do that.

Please consider moving towards Fair Start modeling, both in your baby bonds work, and in efforts to protect animals.

Nothing does more good. Please consider this, and simply saying publicly that you believe all children deserve a fair start in life.

The Team at Fair Start Movement

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