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Yes going vegan, in terms of changing one’s diet to eliminate animals is great for many reasons – health, environment, ending factory farming, etc.

But that change does not help the environment or animals if only a small percentage of a growing human population change their diets and that growth otherwise fills factory farms and wipes out wildlife.

This is not complex.

The studies on this are clear.

So if we wish to make the world a better place, we have to change the way we plan families.

Fair Start helps shift unjust concentrations of wealth and power towards funding policies that instead empower all children with equal opportunities in life and a natural, biodiverse environment, by incentivizing and entitling well-planned, well-located, sustainable and more equitable families. In short, we promote fundamental justice and freedom by actually accounting for, and improving, fundamental power relations between people, and between people and their ecologies. This is not charity – this is fundamental justice, or ensuring that the true costs of wealth are paid back into communities in the most effective way possible.

Dietary change also does little to ensure equal opportunities among children, or to build democracy.

Be effective.

TAKE ACTION: Urge Peter Singer, one of the leaders of veganism, to tell the truth about what works, and to promote just family reforms.

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