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Forget all the feel good advertising for “green” products. Want to actually be effective in protecting the environment? Promote: Promote: 1) smaller, more sustainable families, 2) communities and parents working together to ensure that all kids have a fair start in life – including a habitable planet. Now that’s being effective.

Here are 7 next steps:

  1. Tell Congress to include Fair Start family planning in the Green New Deal.
  2. Overcrowding set the stage for Covid-19, and the next pandemic. Urge the WHO to promote a family planning policy that actually mitigates the threat.
  3. Celebrities influence how we plan families. Urge them to lead by example and to choose smaller families.
  4. Our governments are so eager to grow populations of consumers, workers, and taxpayers, they are actually flooding failing child welfare systems with more and more kids. Urge them to change course.
  5. Shouldn’t the United Nations be promoting child welfare, equity, democracy, and the restoration of nature, rather than using babies to create economic growth. Tell UN Secretary General Guterres to change course, and to flatten this curve.
  6. The wealthiest corporations and families in the world have no claim to their astronomical wealth against the right of every child to a Fair Start in life. Find and peacefully / legally engage the people at the top of the population pyramid to fund Fair Start family planning. We have a right to those resources.
  7. Protecting the environment starts with recognizing the human right to nature. Support another nonprofit? Urge them to recognize the right, and contact us at info@fairstartmovement.org submit amicus briefs in the recent federal litigation in the United States seeking to enshrine the right.
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