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November is National Adoption Awareness month, and an opportunity to change the world. How? Public figures play a large role in many peoples’ family planning decisions – including timing, size, and whether we adopt or have biological children. We follow their lead.

The world is at a crossroads, and whether the average woman in the world has one child more or one child fewer will decide a lot about the future, and whether all the social and ecological crises we face today are exacerbated, or largely ameliorated.

What celebrities do, in terms of family planning decisions, will help define our and our kids’ future. This month Having Kids will be urging celebrities to model responsible family planning, and adopt, over choosing a large family. While good hearted everyday people are going out of their way to save children in need, many celebs are modeling totally irresponsible behavior. Shouldn’t we be helping kids in need, and building an ecologically sustainable world?

TAKE ACTION: Politely urge Joanna Gaines to choose adoption @joannagaines

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