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Fact Check Your Charities

Fact Check Your Charities

Don’t get scammed. Fact check your charities to see if growth is undoing their progress. Nonprofits that claim to help children, animals, the environment, as well as human rights and democracy, are obligated to account for the impact of poor family planning and...
Putin Is Butchering Civilians. You Can Target His Real Base: The Businesses That Subsidized Him

Despots Use Population to Undermine Democracy. Target Their Base. [w/ Russian Translation]

If power derives from the people how we are created matters most of all. Let’s look at Putin and population policy. Обратитесь к дочери Путина, Катерине Тихоновой (Контакты — «Иннопрактика» (innopraktika.ru)) с просьбой осудить вторжение и поддержать реформы...