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Wednesday was World Population Day, and this year’s theme was “Family Planning Is A Human Right.” Predictably, the UN has focused on access to contraception. But aren’t there bigger issues to address than that? Today we are willingly harming others, future generations and the nonhuman world, if our family planning work does not also include a discussion of family size. We know that planning smaller families is the best way to mitigate climate impact and improve outcomes for all kids.

Sadly the media largely ignored World Population Day, and failed to connect family planning to the issues they cover every day. So we cut out the middle man, and hit the pavement to take our request for better family planning straight to people at the UN.

Here are our people, spreading the word on the need to focus on smaller families, and why that benefits everyone, as well as the planet.


“It was so comforting to see that a great deal of UN employees and interns were behind a cause that I was previously worried that only a few were concerned about,” explained Having Kids street team member, Andie Youniss.

Whether you are worried about the future of our planet, rising inequality, world hunger, conflicts, or all of the above, you can speak out. We will be planning more events soon. Email info@fairstartmovement.org if you are interested in organizing an outreach event in your community!

UN World Population Day

Urge the UN Secretary General to recommend smaller families across the world. 

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