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A woman in the family is important person in climate restoration and therefore Rejoice Africa Foundation is giving all appreciations to women in RAFUG in using women care groups in doing climate restoration, requesting for reparations, reforming children rights and filing the petition to the United Nations.

Kabugho Jemima, a woman from Uganda, will start leadership of Rejoice Africa Foundation on 1/January/2024 up to onwards until there’s success in reforming children’s rights and climate restoration using women Care groups. 

Who is Kabugho Jemima?

Jemima said:

My journey towards becoming a climate justice activist was not straightforward.

I was born in Kabarole western Uganda from a poor  family  of 10 children of which four are males and six females am the third born child my parents were poor to give us basic needs in life. My parents forced me to get married to old man at age of 16 years , my parents wanted dowries to support my younger brothers and sisters , I dropped out school after completing primary seven and obeyed my parents to and get married .

During my stay in marriage I got challenges with my husband and divorced him with a lame child, then my parents chased me away from home and left to be maid for church priests in town, I exhibited discipline and commitment to my job then one day one priest picked interest of sponsoring to back to school, I started a gain schooling up to Nursing Profession but my dream was to be a doctor. Growing up in a big family it was challenging, my parents used to depend on agriculture of food crop and we had small portion of land that could not provide us enough food. Fortunately, I got a job to work in the refugee settlement in western Uganda where I was getting salary to support my younger sisters and brothers, witnessed how refugees struggle in the Refugees settlement.

At the age of 27 and nurse by professional, I began my activism passion by engaging in planting trees, community gathering teaching them importance  of family planning and delayed parenthood, teaching adolescent girls how to cope up with puberty stages and advising them on prevention of sexually transmitted and how to use sanitary pads .My passion to discourage  early girls marriage , teenager pregnancy while promoting girls education and  improving food security in the community and desire to make a difference led me to continue my activism work. I’m focused on various areas such as agroforestry, sexual reproductive health for adolescent girls, water accessibility and women and children rights. I have also mentored students in various schools to create climate awareness through singing, poems, storytelling and skits about climate change.

Her work did not perish, and I was soon called to start Rejoice Africa Foundation as the co-founder. In this role, I have participated in the development of Rejoice Africa Foundation.

However, I realized that creating systemic change was not enough. I understood that the fight against climate change required a shift in mindset and individual responsibility. I embarked on a mission to build a mindset shift change by encouraging people to take responsibility for their actions through a human rewarding system.

My work as a climate justice activist has not been easy for me, but I remain focused to meet my goal of saving the next generation.

The future are in our hands , if we don’t respond to climate change , soon the earth will reach on climate devastating situations and it will be hard to reverse this.

Both rich and poor will be affected!                                                                                                                

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