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The Brenn family speaks out to protect their kids’ future, and stop at two. In their own words:

“My husband and I both come from large families. The fact that we were ‘stopping at two’ still seemed an almost radical concept for many of our loved ones. This is why we’re speaking out. A smaller family really shouldn’t be a radical concept anymore.

The decision to have ‘only’ two children was not one we took lightly.

Our kiddos are fun, challenging, full of energy, and fill our lives with love and joy. Sure there are times (ok maybe once or twice) when we thought it would be fun to have a whole football team of kids. BUT…we want the best for them now and in their futures. That is one of the reasons we decided it was best for us to “stop at two”.

We also want to give each of them the time, love, resources, and attention they need and deserve. Additionally, we want to have time and energy left over to invest in our art and our community as we try to make the world they will live in a better place. Most importantly, we are well aware that given current fertility rates, the world is on course to add BILLIONS more people to our planet! It’s hard to even imagine. Such an increase in population will exacerbate climate change, mass extinction of other species, acidification of the oceans, mounting social pressures and conflicts, etc. Naturally, we want to avoid that our children would live in such a world.

So no… a smaller family should not be a radical concept.

Our choosing a smaller family where we do as much as we can to help our kids become good people and part of a thriving community,  won’t be effective, however, if other parents aren’t willing to do the same.

Parents need to work together to build the future their kids deserve. They can’t do it alone.”

This is a simple fact: Better family planning, where smaller families invest more in each child, is the best way to help kids and protect the environment.

Will you speak out? Contact us at Info@HavingKids.org if so.

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