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We started Fair Start because if you look at most public interest organizations, the claims they make about success in their work omit the impacts of family policy, and are thus misleading, and in a way that has fundamentally exacerbated the climate and political inequity crises we face today and caused massive harm.

That’s the problem Newsweek recently covered in two editorials here: One regarding the deception, and one regarding the solution – using wealth at the top of the economic system that was made by externalizing climate and inequity costs to fund birth-equity based family planning entitlements.

It’s the most just and effective way to protect children, animals, the environment, and human rights and democracy. It reorients us and our actions from a fundamentally unjust position to a just one. Documents do not constitute just societies – humans do, and humans and their fundamental relations are a product of the basic norms that account for their creation. This is less about population and more about power, and how we can become free from others.

While that may sound abstract there are dozens of laser-specific ways to implement the change, and the turn our current system on its head.

We end the lies, and the harm they cause, by treating every child’s right to an ecosocial Fair Start in life – including climate restoration through birth equity – as the first and overriding human right under international law. This is not charity. This is justice.

This is mandating these outcomes as a human right:

Be effective.

Changing the standard for family planning makes any donation to Fair Start and partner organizations like Rejoice Africa more effective, by changing the lives of billions over decades using basic values found in the Children’s Rights Convention, than dumping millions into groups that knowingly undo their own progress.

TAKE ACTION: End the lies and model true justice instead, bending the arc of growth above down towards justice, by engaging in the Seeds for the Future campaign.

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