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How do we ensure funding that ensures young women harmed by the climate crisis can have their children at a time, place and with resources the protect their and the child’s equity? 

Problem: Climate and other ecological crises are set to kill million of those least responsible for causing it, a situation exacerbated by greenwashing and political illegitimacy.  

Solution: We can minimize these deaths by funding young women to delay having children, and to ensure they do have any children in a place and with resources to ensure that child will survive, thrive and live as free as possible, in a system of social and ecological self-determination as can readily assess. This is the human rights-based and first priority for climate reparations and because extreme wealth was made at ecological and social cost to these children, it is subject to reparations’ claims.

We simply ask: What are we doing to assure the conditions in which children born and raised, including their environment and role models, are being improved so as not to undo the benefits of the work we are otherwise doing in the world? What was the deadly cost of not doing that over the last several decades? 
1). Under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, children born and not yet born have a right to a fair start in life, not a future of ever dwindling ecological resources and the scourge of climate change.
2). The system of extreme wealth for a tiny few, which has externalized costs on the many, has resulted in profound economic inequality, ecological burden, and climate injustice on todays children and the next generation of children to come.
3). To rectify this, Fair Start calls on a system of reparations from those who benefited the most from this unjust system to be deployed as baby bonds that enable women and girls to delay childbirth until they are empowered and integrated into the their democracies and workforce, and to ensure autonomy through access to family planning technologies so that they can best chose when, where and how to have children in the face of climate catastrophe and ecological destruction.
4). Many are already giving under this model, not waiting for dysfunctional governments to act while millions die. 
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