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Yes, Having Kids suggested that Prince William and Kate might forgo having a third child. We did so to encourage them to set an example of the most effective thing possible to mitigate climate change and protect the future.

And yes, it appears the Royal family, and what CNN calls the world’s strongest brand, is getting bigger.

That’s OK. Having Kids wishes Prince William, Kate, and their kids all the best.

The truth is that we don’t have to always rely on celebrities to lead by example. Changing this world for the better does not happen overnight.

This week Having Kids will feature two everyday families, families like you and me, families without a lot of money or prestige. But these families care deeply about all of our futures, working to create a sustainable world that nurtures us all. They are showing their concern and dedication by choosing a smaller family, and choosing to save resources and work with other families to plan a fair start in life for every child.

We can all do the same.

We always hear that children are the future, But what does that really mean? It means how we plan families today will determine whether our world will be hotter, more crowded, and filled with people who never got a fair start in life, or greener, cleaner, safer, and filled with people born into loving homes where they got what they deserved.

It’s our future. Let’s build it together.

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