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The Council for the District of Columbia made history recently by moving towards #birthequity with baby bonds. Why should only rich kids get trust funds? Isn’t freedom about equality of opportunity?

Fair Start had urged D.C. to make such moves years ago.

But the Council can go further. The amounts in the current policy are just the beginning – not really creating equality of opportunity, and not addressing the need to restore the climate in order to create true #birthequity.

Our proposal – linked above – fixes this problem.

Support true fairness because it makes us free. Free people will limit and decentralize the public and private power others have over them through Fair Start family reforms like climate restoration and #birthequity baby bonds to physically constitute democracy and consensual governance where people are actually empowered to make the fundamental rules under which all must live.

TALE ACTION: Urge the Council to adopt Fair Start, and you can also work from the bottom up – urging relatively wealthy residents of the Washington D.C. area to lead by example and support Fair Start moves by donating in ways that all children get a fair start in life.

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