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When we talk of changing the world we actually mean changing the behavior of the people in it.

We mean changing things like this mother recording the death of her three-year-old after hitting him repeatedly.

Given that the majority of people will be those who live in the future changing behavior, might be best thought of as having and raising kids well. What the heck does that mean? In the Twentieth Century, based on significant developments in the fields of child development, civil society came largely to agree – in what would eventually be called the Children’s Rights Convention – on the birth and development conditions children deserve. These resources would create a world we should all value – filled with nature, equality of opportunity, and democracies where each person would matter.

violent kids
Changing the way we plan families can end abuse.
See Family Planning: An Overlooked Approach to Child Maltreatment Prevention – Child Welfare Monitor

What went wrong? Governments and big businesses colluded to reinterpret human rights regimes to ensure population-driven economic growth, rather than child-centric family planning consistent with the human rights regime. That move – over time – created the world we live in today – beset by the climate crisis and massive inequity. The men that engineered this scam robbed us of true/participatory democracy, and the freedom of consensual governance, in order to build concentrations of wealth and power.

They used poor family planning and growth to slowly push and crowd people out of town halls and into shopping malls, robbing us of our freedom.

And the charities they paid off to lie to us did just that: With child welfare organizations ignoring the conditions in which children are actually born and raised while helping relatively few numbers of children after the fact, and environmental and animal rights groups focusing on low-impact campaigns while population and inequality exploded, and the groundwork was laid for the climate crisis.

Be effective.

Finding these men, their accomplices, as well as those who inherited the wealth and growth of that scam, and taking their wealth through leaderless resistance organization and by all means effective to fund family reforms that incentivize and entitle families to do what the Convention intended would be the greatest act of justice – impacting more people, and furthering true objective values more fully – than any other one act a person could commit.

We might be inclined to resist such forms of protests because the majority of people alive today would support them, and there are good reasons to defer to the majority. Given that the majority of persons are actually those vulnerable-to-us people who will live in the future, and this work would be saving them from the tyrannical minority that are those people alive today inflicting harm on the future, you should think the opposite.

We can do this work because being free, in terms of who we are, precedes being free in terms of what we do – including forming governments to assign property to wealth that was made by externalizing costs, by not giving mothers and kids what they need.

We can think of the child described above as we engage them – and anyone who opposes giving kids a fair start in life – for they are fundamentally to blame for what happened to that child. They reject a change in the way we plan families that would have prevented the child’s death, in order to ensure and exploit growth.

Exxon, and their former leadership who helped ensure the climate crisis, have rejected this change.


Free people will fundamentally limit and decentralize the power others have over them through Fair Start family reforms like climate restoration and #birthequity baby bonds to physically constitute democracy and consensual governance where people are actually empowered to make the ultimate rules under which all must live. And there is only really one way to do that: Parental readiness policies that avoid things like parents torturing their children to death, birth equity redistribution of wealth to ensure true equality of opportunity, and a universal ethic and default of sustainable families.

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