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Many large funders and philanthropists profess a desire to have an impact on things like the climate crisis, economic inequity, and child and animal abuse. The impact of family planning reform on all of these things is unparalleled and well-established. But many high-wealth individuals and foundations resist funding Fair Start reproductive justice reforms because they wish to ensure familial wealth continues to privilege some over others, or because they wish to further increase their wealth through unsustainable population growth that simply expands markets without creating real value.

“I’ve spoken to wealthy individuals who knew inequity and population growth were degrading their philanthropic work on social issues and the environment but were simply unwilling to relinquish the massive head start they wanted to give their kids.”

– Anon

Not everyone is on board with that approach. Trisha Hensley recently made a significant gift to Having Kids in order to promote reproductive justice reforms designed to give all kids a Fair Start in life. For her and many others, it simply makes no sense for families and institutions in privileged positions to think their children will really be better off – regardless of the benefits they have been given – in a world with billions of people born into vast inequity, and increasing social and political instability that puts everyone at risk. When it comes to kids, we really do all rise and fall together.

The most effective way to protect all of our futures is by reforming our family planning policies to prioritize new cooperative family planning models that treat every child’s right to an eco-social Fair Start in life as the overriding human right and obligation.

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