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In the wake of high-profile stories showing just how deep and intergenerational both racial and economic inequity run in the United States and elsewhere, many are flocking to show that they too are part of social justice reforms. They want systems of governance to be legitimate. Here are three simple questions to test how serious they are, and whether they are doing what’s most effective to protect the most vulnerable, all of our kids’ future, and ensure legitimate systems of democratic governance. The key is to see how these questions interrelate, and go to the core of what it means to be free.

They can help identify those who wish to constitute just communities, and those who wish to keep us in a states of illegitimate governance, or pre-constitutionality.

These questions may not be typical or popular. But the work of social justice is meant to liberate the most vulnerable, and that means looking ahead towards the entities most at risk and in need of liberation, regardless of what most people think. In this era have an amazing opportunity to change the world for the better. Don’t let ineffective approaches to social justice knock us off the path.

Now, take action.

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