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As the climate crisis manifests because we overran the nonhuman world how silly is it to talk about the success of animal rights?

Nicholas Kristof’s take on animal rights shows a total disconnection from the fundamental reality of human and nonhuman relations. While it’s easy to focus on popular icons like Singer and marketable and consumerist issues like diet change, the truth is that fundamental growth-based family policies that Singer, Kristof and others ignored not only caused much more animal suffering and death than their efforts prevented, those policies ensured a climate crisis that will cause untold misery for all.

I’ve worked at major animal rights organizations for years and, and often under pressure from funders who benefit from growth-based market we intentionally evade the growth issue. Singer and others likewise looked past the obvious source of animal oppression – our proliferation over the nonhuman world, and at a time leaders like him could have made a difference. if Kristof cared about animals he would embraced crucial family reforms that actually liberate animals, not treat a failure as a success. 


There are ways to make animal rights work today, and dozens of effective actions one can take.

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