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In a 6-3 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe. v Wade on June 24, 2022. This is a pivot point and a wake-up call that it is past time to address the injustice set in place by this ruling. It allows children to be born poor, and others rich. Some begin life in dangerous and unhealthy conditions, while others begin with guaranteed health and safety,

We can oppose the forces that killed Roe for what it does to women, but also because of what it does to children, equality, our environment, and participatory democracy.

It’s a pivot point because no government is legitimate, and we are under no obligation to follow its rules, if that government pursues policies that do not ensure the equal empowerment of its citizens, ensuring they comprise town halls instead of filling shopping malls. Texas fails this test.  

As the Fair Start Movement will argue in court next month, the forces of justice must restore and create equal and just societies. Huge swaths of people have been stripped of fundamental rights with this ruling. As unwanted children are forced onto this earth by indifferent government officials, their parents will demand, and if necessary, take their dues from the concentrations of wealth and power responsible for this travesty.

A decent proportion of the next generation will be born through force, not consent. The child has no say in the matter, and his mother has none at all. Healthy communities and families grow when every individual has a say in what’s good for the whole. Consent is the key. This generation could grow up without proper education, and in many instances, without proper care and nurturing from a family that wasn’t prepared to have them. They will see governance as somebody else’s problem – from the shopping mall, not the town hall.

We will level the playing field for all kids ecosocially because justice demands a Fair Start in life. This decision has swept away any hope for our ideals in the near term. That’s why this fight is more important than ever.

Here’s what Brooke Morales, one emerging leader in the fight against oppression had to say:

“The overturning of Roe v. Wade harms women, children, and society. It allows a woman’s right to choose to be revoked, it does not guarantee children a fair start in life, and it exacerbates societal crises we face today. To ensure that children are born into equitable conditions, action must be taken. We cannot allow children to be forcibly subjected to the poverty cycle or environmental injustices. The decision to have children must be more carefully addressed, with every involved party taken into account.”

– Brooke Morales, Fair Start Movement

Why Does Family Planning Reform Enable Redistribution of Wealth? It’s About Baselines.

If you believe in freedom, it’s impossible for a group of people to just define what the world should look like for others. The baseline, or what the world should look like, is instead itself a group of relatively self-determining – or free – people. And that requires limiting the power each one of us has over one another by ensuring a restored, natural and biodiverse environment.

It requires all children to be empowered through things like a fair start in life that ensures true equality of opportunities in life (not the world today where the rich control the lives of the poor), as well as more functional democracies where each voice can actually be heard. Read more.
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