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The population-driven climate crisis will do more harm to wild big cat populations in the long run than the Act can do good. Although the act protects current species of cats from being unnecessarily overbred and domesticated, it does not address threats that still exist through the interactions humans have with the environment, as shown by the infographic below.

Changing these interactions begins with us. Truly liberating big cats means reversing their slide towards extinction by promoting and funding incentives that create a universal ethic of sustainable and economically equitable human families, loving families that build empathy in children.

Let’s not undo progress for animals with growth-based policies, pushed by some animal advocates. Let’s not trick ourselves – growth is undoing progress.

See this:

Let’s keep going towards liberation, and learn more at FairStartMovement.org

Don’t confuse chaos with freedom. Truly free people will fundamentally limit and decentralize the power (including subtle power like climate emissions, the impact of bad parenting on communities, massive disparities of wealth, etc.) others have over them, and by all means effective. They will condition their obligation to follow the law on their actually being empowered, assessed via a simple test, in functional democracies.

The best way to actually empower people is through Fair Start family reforms like climate restoration and #birthequity baby bonds to physically constitute democracy and consensual governance where people are actually empowered to make the ultimate rules under which all must live. And there is only really one way to do that: Incentivizing parental readiness policies that avoid things like parents torturing their children to death, birth equity redistribution of wealth to ensure true equality of opportunity, and a universal ethic and default of sustainable families. People who have been robbed of their freedom – over time through horrible family policies – are committing acts of random violence out of anger, and it will get worse. We can do better than that. We can take the money from the top that was made by not paying its true costs to freedom and use it to create democracies.

Take action: Choose from dozens of ways to bend the arc of population growth towards the justice of investing more in kids.

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